Drunken Ogres and Lazy Dozers

by Tomorrow Starts Today

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Moronic. In the sense of the hand sizzling on a red-hot element.
A lie. Deny the pain as the blister forms. But there's no need to suffer aforementioned repercussions if we can perceive cause and effect. Everybody knows the truth and what it means for us. To have the freedom with what we know to decide for ourselves. But evidence means nothing in the face of a stereotype, where being informed is to be an addict. A hopeless case just trying to get a break. They're financing crime, non-violents are doing time. Terminally ill sent to the end of the line. But those who know wont let go of mistakes made or trying to show that mother nature is a homegrown terrorist. Hauled away to be burned at the stake. In these days of "Save the Earth!" and "Living Green" it makes us hypocrites shouting fashion slogans. Is that how it’s supposed to be? This life inside a free country? Being pushed to the dangerous side of a distorted dichotomy. How long do you suppose that the rest of them will remain opposed? Until they finally swallow their pride and appeal to logic. Don't believe the lies, look beyond the lies. Don't fool yourself with such a thin disguise.


released March 17, 2012



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Harvest King Records regina, Saskatchewan

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